Monday, September 1, 2008

Move Over Partridge Family!!!

Today was a really nice, relaxing Labor Day... it was our first time since the girls have been born to NOT go to Midland for the weekend and visit family. We did miss getting to chill out at Jillma and Uncle Lester's, and especially getting to spend time w/ Mike's grandmother Smith, but things just didn't work out to go this year. So, we opted to stay home and enjoy family time. While I was making supper (grilled chicken & veggie kebobs and mashed potatoes!!) Mike started playing around w/ his drum set in the guest room. The kids went in and started playing around on the mini-piano and microphone that we have, and BOOM! : We had a family band!! It was so cute, I couldn't resist videoing a little concert... I think we may be on to something here!!

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