Tuesday, August 25, 2009

only 5 days to go...

... until the girls start Kindergarden! It's getting harder and harder to keep them from each other's throats, they fight all the time!!! It used to be that Aubrey dominated Sarah and that was just the way it was, but I guess Sarah figured out that she's bigger than Aubrey (by 2 1/2 inches and several pounds) Lately I mostly hear screaming, followed by Aubrey running to me saying, "Sarah is gonna hit me!!!" Ahhh, it's music to my ears! About as much as nails on a chalkboard.

Tomorrow we will go the OKC Zoo with Baba (grandpa Gary) and get out of the house for the day, so that will be nice. These things always SOUND good, but once you do go it's just crazy... let's hope we survive!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

It's been a looooong time....

I guess 9 months between blogging is long enough... can I even consider myself as "having a blog" if I never update it? Well, consider me back in the game! Maybe... we'll see...

This summer was so crazy, that's probably why I never got around to writing anything. Being a part-time single mommy takes a lot of time, I don't know how military wives do it while they're hubbies are on TDY or how actual single moms can put up with the stress of having kids all by yourself, all day, every day! It is definitely a welcome sound to hear Mike come through the door on Friday evenings!! Of course, there are the positive parts: I get to watch whatever I want when the kids go to bed and I get to make what I want to eat for supper! *lol* However, the cons outweigh the pros, so we just won't go there.

The girls will be starting Kindergarten in one week, and I CAN'T WAIT!!! It's hard to believe they will no longer be considered Pre-K, especially since they've been in a full-time pre-k for the last 2 years. Kindergarten will not be a big adjustment for the girls time-wise, but I think the added responsibilities of everything one learns in Kindergarten will be an adjustment. Thankfully they will have AMAZING teachers to help them through it all!!

Sean Michael will be at a little 2-yr-old prechool program at a local church, and I think he's going to love it! He's such a little "learner", he's constantly singing me something new or identifying new pictures in books, so I can't wait to see him soak up all the new info in his class! It will be MWF in the mornings, so that means that I will have 3 mornings a week to myself! Woo hoo!! Maybe somewhere in there I will get to work out AND have a little time to rest. Is that possible??

Hopefully I can keep up this blog better this time around... I really enjoy it, I just have to take the time to do it!! Here are a few recent pictures to officially kick-off this blog season!

Mommy and Sean on his 2nd birthday at Jump for Joy

Sarah, my rockstar on top of Mt. Scott

The family at Corpus Christi this summer

Sean Michael, on the beach for the first time

Aubrey Linda, showing off some seashells

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The girls were part of the annual Christ Academy Christmas Pageant this year, and I couldn't have been more proud! Last year, in 3k, they sang 3 songs and then we left. This year, they had a bigger role. The 4k had on little sheep costumes (vests and headbands) the Kindergartners were the angel choir, and the 1st graders comprised the nativity. They all sang 6 songs, with sign language, and told the Christmas story verses from the Bible between songs. It was very impressive, and it was the best program I have seen the girls do in the last 2 years. They sang every word, and did the sign language, all while smiling beautiful at their teacher on the front row! *lol* I sat on the front row to take pictures, and they kept sneaking smiles at me. I even had tears at one point because the song was so beautiful. God was truly glorified by those small children that night!

The girls waiting patiently for the music to begin...
Sarah is in the blue, and Aubrey is to the right in red (there is another girl between them)

Sean Michael before we left for the pageant... what a handsome boy!!

Sarah Grace in her Christmas dress, ready to go to the pageant.

Aubrey Linda, posing in her beautiful Christmas dress!

My pretty, pretty girls...

Ding Dong Merry, Merry Bells
With all the angels singing
Gloria, Hosannah in the Highest!

One small child in a land of a thousand.
One small dream of a savior tonight.
One small hand reaching out to the starlight.
One small savior of life. Ooh.

Joy to the world, the Lord is come...

All of the earth, all of Heaven rejoice!
Sing and rejoice!
All of the earth, all of Heaven rejoice!
Sing and rejoice!
Shout for joy, Heaven and earth!
Celebrate the Savior's birth!
All of the earth, all of Heaven rejoice!
Sing and rejoice!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Making his own fun...

While I was cleaning house on Saturday, I heard a ruckus in the kitchen... when I went in there to inspect, I found Mr. Monkey-Boy investigating my pots-n-pans cabinet. It's right next to my wrap-around bar, so it goes really deep. He was determined to check out every part of it! Also, he got his first haircut on Saturday... notice how he looks like a big boy now!!

Wow, look at this place!

Hey, these make cool sounds, and I'll bet mommy will love it when I bang them together for a while!!

Hmmm... what's up here...

Ok, now how do I get back down...

Mom, put down the camera a help me out of here!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Costumes, Unsafe Childrens' Games, and Other Stuff...

Well, evil Halloween is almost upon us. I can't help myself!! I'm sorry, mom, but I just can't resist dressing up my adorable children and parading them around town for Snickers bars!!

Anyway, a friend gave us the cutest little ducky costume for Sean, but Mike thought it was too "girly"... I thought it was precious, but apparently because it doesn't have any weapons or fangs it doesn't work for our son! *lol* So, I mentioned to my friend, Hollie, about the ducky costume, and she offered to let us use her son's costume from last year: a lion! Yay!! Lions are tough and strong and stuff, so Mike was cool with that. The only problem will be that he looks ADORABLE in it and not tough at all! Too bad, I like adorable. Anyway, here are some pics of the kids playing around in the costumes last night... the girls like them more than Sean does!!

Maybe not King of the Jungle, but Cutie of the House!!

NOT an Ugly Duckling... isn's she beautiful!!

Pretty little Lion grrrllll!!

Aubrey looks JUST like many of my childhood pics w/ that smile... aren't they precious??

My girls LOVE their baby brother...

While they had on the costumes, we decided to do the webcam w/ daddy, who was out-of-town. They really enjoy it, since they get to see him and he can see them. He got a kick out of their costumes, and baby Sean LOVES getting to see daddy on the computer screen.

Here's Sean trying to "hug" daddy (I had Mike smile for the pic, too!! *lol*)

Ok, so here are some random pics from tonight... the girls pushed some little shelves together like a little bridge, and they were running across them and jumping off the edge. Yes, I know, not very safe, but those of you who know me can attest that I pretty much let my children act like monkeys at my house! The only thing I can say about it is that they have developed good coordination from their many adventures in furniture-hopping! *lol* Anyway, we're too cheap for a trampoline or jungle gym, so we make do w/ this. Anyway, here are the girls "posing" in mid-air! I love these!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My little praise girls...

I am doing some singing and piano playing at The Mission tomorrow night, so I've been running through my music all week to get ready... tonight I was singing and playing "Beauty for Ashes" by Crystal Lewis (one of my favorite songs!!) and Aubrey climbs up on the bench beside me and says, "Can I sing that song again?" I said, "Which song?" and she starts singing, "Beauty for ashes... strength for fear..." I was floored! I said, "Can you sing the whole song?" and I started playing. She immediately started singing all the words, which are,
"He gives beauty for ashes, strength for fear
Gladness for mourning, peace for despair
He gives beauty for ashes, strength for fear
Gladness for mourning, peace for despair"

Of course, her pronunciation is adorable (I think she's singing "Gladys" instead of "gladness") but who cares!! So, being the little stage mom that I think I am becoming, I had to set up my video camera and get her to perform! Then, Sarah Grace wanted to get in on the action, so she sang the chorus to "Every Move I Make". The video is dark, but you can still hear them singing... I'm not at all proud, can you tell???

Monday, September 1, 2008

Move Over Partridge Family!!!

Today was a really nice, relaxing Labor Day... it was our first time since the girls have been born to NOT go to Midland for the weekend and visit family. We did miss getting to chill out at Jillma and Uncle Lester's, and especially getting to spend time w/ Mike's grandmother Smith, but things just didn't work out to go this year. So, we opted to stay home and enjoy family time. While I was making supper (grilled chicken & veggie kebobs and mashed potatoes!!) Mike started playing around w/ his drum set in the guest room. The kids went in and started playing around on the mini-piano and microphone that we have, and BOOM! : We had a family band!! It was so cute, I couldn't resist videoing a little concert... I think we may be on to something here!!