Thursday, October 16, 2008

Costumes, Unsafe Childrens' Games, and Other Stuff...

Well, evil Halloween is almost upon us. I can't help myself!! I'm sorry, mom, but I just can't resist dressing up my adorable children and parading them around town for Snickers bars!!

Anyway, a friend gave us the cutest little ducky costume for Sean, but Mike thought it was too "girly"... I thought it was precious, but apparently because it doesn't have any weapons or fangs it doesn't work for our son! *lol* So, I mentioned to my friend, Hollie, about the ducky costume, and she offered to let us use her son's costume from last year: a lion! Yay!! Lions are tough and strong and stuff, so Mike was cool with that. The only problem will be that he looks ADORABLE in it and not tough at all! Too bad, I like adorable. Anyway, here are some pics of the kids playing around in the costumes last night... the girls like them more than Sean does!!

Maybe not King of the Jungle, but Cutie of the House!!

NOT an Ugly Duckling... isn's she beautiful!!

Pretty little Lion grrrllll!!

Aubrey looks JUST like many of my childhood pics w/ that smile... aren't they precious??

My girls LOVE their baby brother...

While they had on the costumes, we decided to do the webcam w/ daddy, who was out-of-town. They really enjoy it, since they get to see him and he can see them. He got a kick out of their costumes, and baby Sean LOVES getting to see daddy on the computer screen.

Here's Sean trying to "hug" daddy (I had Mike smile for the pic, too!! *lol*)

Ok, so here are some random pics from tonight... the girls pushed some little shelves together like a little bridge, and they were running across them and jumping off the edge. Yes, I know, not very safe, but those of you who know me can attest that I pretty much let my children act like monkeys at my house! The only thing I can say about it is that they have developed good coordination from their many adventures in furniture-hopping! *lol* Anyway, we're too cheap for a trampoline or jungle gym, so we make do w/ this. Anyway, here are the girls "posing" in mid-air! I love these!!

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