Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July

Fourth of July is always a holiday of mixed emotions for my family... it is always an amazing time of celebration for th country we love and support and a sweet reminder of everything that we are able to do here because of the sacrifices of many brave men and women. It is also a bitter reminder of the death of my youngest brother, Alan Oden, who took his own life on July 5th, 1998, just 5 days after his 17th birthday. I think I will always vividly remember that 4th of July the "night before" and of course everything that happened the next day. This holiday is the 10 year anniversary, and it's hard not to think, "Wow, 10 years ago tonight I never would have dreamed what would happen the next day..." Anyway, I didn't mean this to be a depressing blog, but I can't mention Fourth of July with the elephant that always rears it's head during the holiday...

Anyway, we spent the day at Lake Arrowhead and our friends', Jason and Shauna's, house... they have a beautiful piece of property overlooking a fabulous view... The kids played on an inflatable waterslide, and they even went out on the boat and rode the tube! I stayed back w/ Sean and we played on the waterslide was really fun! Good food, good fireworks, and lots of sleepy kids!!!

First boat ride!!

Sarah, Grayson, Aubrey & Jaden

Water Slide FUN!!!

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