Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Miss Priscilla Has A Chinchilla...

Doesn't that title sound like a children's book?  I'm inspired!!  Anyway, dad and I took the girls to our friend Priscilla's house today so the girls could take a gander at her critters... she is actually bottle-feeding a calf for my dad right now.  He and Aunt Kit-Kat have some cattle in Blackwell, and this little guy lost his mama and needed someone to hand-feed him.  Priscilla has lots of experience w/ critters, even large ones like calves, so she was a perfect match!  The calf's name is Pot Roast!! *lol*  Priscilla is Dawson's babysitter while mom and dad are working, and she is a God-send for the family, we just love her!  Anyway, here are the girls and Pot Roast:

Also at Priscilla's Zoo/House was a beautiful little chinchilla named Gizmo, and I must say that little Gizmo also stole my heart!  If I could have snuck him out in my pocket he would go home with me!  He has the softest fur I've ever felt...  Anyway, here we are with little Gizmo:


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