Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Colonial VBS

This week at our church has been Vacation Bible School (VBS), and it's been exhausting but fun! The church used to do VBS in the mornings, but opted to do it at night this year so that more people could be involved (i.e., people who have REAL jobs during the day!) So, when I was asked where I wanted to work for VBS, I immediated requested the nursery. Normally, babies wouldn't go to VBS of course, but if you're a volunteer and have young children, then they come to VBS also. So, 4 yrs and under come to VBS if their parents are working, and that means the girls get to come also! We have 7 babies in the nursery and 5 workers! It's so great! I almost feel guilty, but since I teach 3-yr-old AWANA Cubbies during the school year, I kind of feel like I deserve an easy job for VBS... that's just my own justification I guess. Anyway, I work w/ the most fun ladies, and we basically sit around and talk about childbirth, in-laws and sex. The babies don't understand us, so we don't care! *lol* We don't really talk about sex, but we do get pretty graphic w/ the childbirth stories. Last year myself and another friend 36 and 34 weeks preggo while working the nursery, and one lady had just had a baby the week before. This year there is one pregnant worker in the nursery, so that's always good fodder for conversation. It's always so interesting to hear other people's labor & delivery stories and baby experiences. It's a nice break from the kids and I get good time w/ Sean in there, since he doesn't get a lot of alone time while the girls are home for the summer...

The girls are having a blast also! They are so happy to see me by the end of the night, but they talk non-stop about what they did in their class also. The parents are given a sheet of paper that tells us what they learned about in class that night and questions we might ask to reinforce what they learned, so last night I saw that they learned about Moses's sister, Miriam, hiding him in the reeds from the soldiers (Exodus 2), and how we should try to help our family. I asked,
"What did you learn about in class tonight?"
Sarah said, "Um... we learned about picking up toys, loving God and helping our friends!"
Wow! So, I asked, "What was was Moses's sister's name?"
"...and what did she do?"
"She hid Moses in the reeds!" I was so proud!
I asked, "What else did you learn?"
Sarah said, "We should pick up our toys and that's a BIG help to mommy and daddy!"
Now if they'll only apply that train of thought...
Tonight their story was about the men who lowered their paralyzed friend through the roof of the home so that Jesus could heal him (Mark 2) I asked them,
"Did you learn about the man that his friends lowered him through the roof to Jesus?"
"What did Jesus say to the man to heal him?"
Sarah said, "Go out of your bed!!"
Aubrey said, "No, get up and walk!"
Sarah said, "Go up out of your bed AND walk... whatever!"
At least they're learning...

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