Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pastor Tim Wheat... AKA Indiana Jones!!

Every Father's Day, our pastor does something over-the-top to introduce his sermon. They always show a pre-taped video on the big screen of him doing something funny or extreme, and then he comes into the church at the end of the video doing something related to the video... One year he did a golf video and came into the sanctuary in a golf cart, one time it was a motorcycle video and he rode in on a Harley. This year was the best!! They did an Indiana Jones spoof, and in the end he comes running in from the back of the balcony and rode a zip-line from the balcony to the stage!! It rocked! The video is grainy (it was on my cell phone) but you can get the idea... At the beginning of the video I tried to get footage of the big screen where it shows Indiana Jones busting into the window of a building, and then when the figure looks up at the camera, it's Pastor Tim. Then it shows him running to a door, and when he opens it they shined the spotlight on the door at the top of the balcony. That's when you see him run in wearing Indiana Jones garb...

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