Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How Rude!!

This morning the girls and I went to the Summer Movie Playhouse at the Cinemark Theater... it's only $1 per ticket, and they show kids movies that have already been in the theaters recently (Bee Movie, Charlotte's Web, Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit) Sean stayed w/ Mimi so I could have quality time w/ the girls, and it was really nice. We got there 20 minutes early because I knew it would be busy, and by golly if it wasn't packed! By the time the movie was supposed to start at 10am, they still had a line of people outside waiting to get in. There was a young woman behind me w/ three young children trying to find a seat, and her youngest was in a wheelchair. There was a whole row of handicapped accessible seating seats in the theater, but they were all full. There were 4 "pairs" of seats w/ a wheelchair accessible space between them, and then a place at the end w/ three seats next to a spot. She needed the three seats for her and the two other kids and the wheelchair space for her youngest. When an usher came in to check the seating situation, the young woman told her the problem. The usher said she couldn't ask the woman to move from the seats. The mother said that under the People w/ Disabilities Act that her son had the right to sit in those seats. The usher then said she could ask the lady to move, but if she refused she couldn't be forced to move. The mother asked if she could ask the lady to move, and the usher said that was fine. So the mom went down and you could see her talking to the other lady. She came back and said that the other woman refused to move! By that time another lady (a lady I actually know named Tracy) came down and asked if she could help. She said the noticed the problem and that the mother was upset. The young mother was near tears and explained the situation to Tracy, who offered to go speak to the woman in the seats. She went over and you could see her waving her arms and pointing to the young mother. She came back and said the lady still wouldn't move! So, the usher offered to bring in some seats for them to sit off to the side w/ the wheelchair, but by that time the mother was so upset that she just wanted to leave. I couldn't believe it! The woman in the seats was asked several times to leave an area that was designated for someone w/ disabilities, and when someone showed up that needed the seats she refused to budge. For a ONE DOLLAR movie!! All I have to say is KARMA! I may not believe in the New Age idea of Karma, but I do believe "what goes around comes around"... Incidentally, the movie usher came back in after the movie and announced that they would be holding another $1 movie date on Thurs also to accomodate more people.


Anonymous said...

that is worse than rude. It is , well, every word I can think of, I can't spell. I think you should write a letter to the editor or something. We are all, one birth, car accident, illness, seizure or medication away from being handicapped. Stupid woman.

Sarah Joy said...

I agree with Mom. You should write a letter to the Editor. Also, I'm not sure that the usher was right. I would think that the movie theater could have forced the woman to vacate the handicap accessible seats. She could have grounds for a lawsuit. Its about more than a $1 movie, its about the basic rights and freedoms that are afforded to all people. Karma. Karma is what happens when you don't practice the Golden Rule.