Monday, June 16, 2008

I hope these work!!

We will be traveling for several hours in the car tomorrow, so I was wanting to find a good pillow for the girls to use w/ their booster seats while they nap. I hate the way their heads droop down, it looks soooo uncomfortable. Well, I'm a cheap-o and didn't want to spend $15-$20 on a fancy pillow for the car. So, I found one that I liked online and made it myself! I even tried it myself, and it's really comfy! I may have to make another one just for me! I figure we can use them on the airplane this summer when we go to San Diego also... Anyway, it was really simple: I got a yard of some soft material (different pattern for each girl) and I cut out a candy-cane shape. Then I turned it wrong-side out and sewed around the edges and left the end open so I could stuff it. Then I turned it right-side out and stuffed it w/ cotton batting and sewed up the open end. Here are the finished products!!

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